Sika is proud to support Tara Expeditions for a further year as an official supplier. Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013 is a six-month scientific and academic oceanic adventure covering 25,000 km.

The Tara Oceans Polar Circle 2013 research is being conducted around the borders of the ice pack where planktonic activity is the most significant.

In addition to this global biological approach, oceanographic and chemical analyses specific to the Arctic will be undertaken. The aim of the expedition is to understand the vulnerability of polar biodiversity in the face of human activity; how melting of the ice pack impacts the polar marine ecosystem and what types of pollution come into play in these remote areas. Several key factors assure the success of this expedition.

Study the Arctic ecosystem

This mission will contribute to the international effort to study the Arctic ecosystem before a probable climate change. It will provide baseline data on the ecological status of Arctic waters, and help identify issues concerning the future development of this region.

Inform about our environment

The expedition team will also use its presence to inform the public, politicians and the business world about the most urgent environmental issues in the Arctic, as well as problems faced by the people who inhabit the Arctic Circle. For some, the opening of maritime routes is an economic asset but for others, this development poses an environmental risk. Sustainable development in the Arctic is definitely in question.

7 expeditions with more than 80,000 km

Having already completed more than seven expeditions and traveled more than 80,000 km, the boat was given a complete overhaul before its latest departure. As an official supplier, Sika identified what needed to be repaired and recommended a set of products to ensure that the boat is perfectly watertight and thus guarantee the crew's comfort.

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