Every year hundreds of advanced students of architecture in Uruguay travel around the world in what will be the ride of their lives. The objective is to get to know major works across all continents and of course have fun!

World trip for students of Architecture

The trip is funded entirely by the students themselves, through the sale of raffle tickets and diaries in the years preceding the trip. The entire country of Uruguay provides support. From April to December, more than two hundred architecture students tour the five continents. Eight months of travel, discovery and enjoying the great wonders of the world!

Photo competition

This year, Sika Uruguay decided to accompany the students and show them that Sika is present around the world in major projects and technologies. A photo competition was organized at three internationally recognized sites where Sika as well has provided its services:

Louvre Museum in Paris, France
The KKL in Lucerne, Switzerland
ABC Museum in Madrid, Spain

Prize for the most original one

The prize went to the most original and funny picture taken at that architectural work. The aims were to make everyone aware that Sika is present in the world, to show and teach them about the products used, to support them in the journey of their lives and to have fun with the students’ imagination.

Starting in Paris

In July, the students reached Paris, France in groups of 7 to 10 people. Over the course of 48 hours, they had fun at facebook.com/Sika Uruguay promoting the competition and outlining Uruguay’s progression. And there was another good reason – the group winner would take away four thousand dollars – a significant sum of money vital to the completion of this magnificent journey of many months.

Uruguay – a whole country goes Facebook

During the 48 hours after the pictures were posted in Facebook and the winner was announced, the site received more than 430,000 visits, with more than 8,500 likes and 600 comments. Certainly this was a true success for a country with only 1.8 million Facebook users.

Next challenge coming up

In October and November 2013, the challenge will come to Switzerland and then to Spain. No doubt these ladies and gentlemen will continue to give a lot of laughter and of course they will continue getting to know magnificent works which comprise Sika Technology.

Visit at Facebook and you can view several of the photos received as well as the photo of Uruguay Sika officials, which the social network considered the winner.

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