Waterproofing: The Proof is in the Grid

Regarded by some as the financial and commercial hub of Canada and one of the most densely populated cities in the country, Toronto and its 2.6 million residents, according to the 2011 Census, is currently the fifth most populous city in North America. Bringing those sets of information together along with the skyrocketing per-square-meter cost of real estate in major cities and you have the perfect equation for mixed-use, high rise and below-grade construction. One challenge of which is obviously to keep the water out of the foundations, basements and other underground facilities.

Dry below-grade structure

As developer and builder, Madison Homes is currently constructing two, 33 and 30-storey condominium and commercial complexes, representing a gross floor area of 62,927 m². Amongst the other amenities, including ground floor retail space and luxurious suites in the towers themselves, the basement is being built to house almost 1,000 cars on 5 subterranean levels. To ensure that the parking garage and the entire below-grade structure remain dry and operational all year round, Kirkor Architects & Planners and Madison Homes elected to use SikaProof® A as the waterproofing system.

Why SikaProof® A?

After years of successful applications across the world, on a wide variety of projects ranging from individual housing to full-scale residential and commercial complexes, SikaProof® A comes to North America. The reasons why SikaProof® A was selected, rather than better known and established systems, were numerous, starting with Sika Canada’s reputation for providing technically advanced and proven systematic solutions, rather than just products. Next was SikaProof® A’s fully- and permanently-bonded, embossed Flexible Polyolefin (FPO) membrane, laminated with the innovative Polyolefin (PO) Sika® Grid Seal Technology sealant grid, and a non-woven, polypropylene (PP) fleece.

Sika® Grid Seal Technology creates watertight structure

The system’s ability to withstand ground water contaminants and create a watertight structure, thanks to the Sika® Grid Seal Technology, paved the way for Sika’s membrane to be applied on a total surface of 12,540 m². In conjunction with the applicator, Alliance Waterproofing, Sika Canada was able to offer a warranty that matched the competition and alleviate any worries the owners and construction team may have had about using a system unproven in Canada.
Furthermore, Sika brought added-value to the project through a globally acquired expertise, supported by highly experienced and trained professionals, available at every stage of the project.

Positive customer feedback

To date, the installers are very pleased with SikaProof® A’s ease of application, the system being cold-applied and able to withstand the fixing of steel reinforcement together with the pouring of concrete.  Despite the tight work schedules and poor weather conditions, the installation team has not experienced any problems and remain very impressed with the system.

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