Exploring professional working style in Vietnam

Vietnam is a strong economic market with great potential and remarkable growth In the 20 year long presence from Sika Vietnam the company has achieved remarkable growth in the Vietnamese market. This year, the Sika Experience was carried out in this amazing country, offering the winning students a great chance to discover Sika’s products and projects and have the first taste of the professional life.

The six Vietnamese students had a great journey traveling across the country, from the South to the North, experienced how the real life of the construction industry and visited project sites, sights and experienced cultures from the different regions along the way. The enthusiastic staff from Sika Vietnam accompanied them and shared a lot of information with them anywhere they came. The students learned how Sika strives to being a reliable partner for construction and industry with perfect solutions, no matter what the requirements are.

Part of the Sika Experience was the laboratory workshop where the students learned how to apply Sikaflex®. They visited job sites such as the Formosa project, the RMIT university with its PVC-roofing membranes, the green roof of the Marriott luxury hotel or the Long Thanh bridge of the Dau Giay highway. Furthermore, they visited factories of Sika and for ready mix concrete production. As an overview of this adventure we captured some voices from the students:

At the Mariott Hotel: "We got on the top of this building and had an amazing view. the scenery is more wonderful thanks to Sika plant, i could see the grass has been growing well." Nin's blog

"And we went through from this surprise to the others, seeing professional working style, good at human management, and checking the products by ourselves, that we have never ever had before." Tien's blog

"We visited Rmit University on the top floor. There, we saw the application of Sika products. For example, Sarnafil PVC membrane is used to cover the whole surface of the top floor." Huong's blog

In the Laboratory: "I was very impressed with the practical experience through hands-on-tasks at the laboratory. We also took some picture at Sika’s factory to remember this great moment!" Trung Thuc's blog

While sightseeing: "The first day of [...] gave me a lot of emotions. That is the first time to Ho Chi Minh City that is very beautiful and modern. We visited Bitexco Financial Tower where we can see the view of whole city that is different from where i knew. In the other hand, I also met friendly people.That is two fun guides who are Mr. Dang, Ms. Lang and Mr. Adam Sharp - Deputy General Director of Sika Vietnam with sharing extremely valuable [information] about the job in the future." Anh Tuan's blog

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