Working at Sika for 11 years, seven of which in Asia, what were your main challenges and rewards?

Working and living in Asia has been a fantastic experience for me. During my time working in Procurement Asia Pacific, we were tasked with setting up our regional structure and driving the countries through a phase of fantastic growth. Building up new supply chains, factories and the respective material flows in a very heterogeneous region with a mixture of mature countries such as Japan and the emerging markets such as China was indeed challenging. Leading the teams through the GFC and various natural disasters like the earthquakes in China and Japan allowed us to promote the real Sika spirit and develop highly professional teams throughout the region.

In the last two years I had a completely new task: managing Sika Thailand as GM. Targeting at economic growth in Thailand and new opportunities in the markets of Laos and Myanmar, our highly motivated team has achieved excellent results so far. I am convinced that Sika Thailand will continue its success with profitable growth.

What fascinates you about developing new markets in Asia?

The diversity among cultures, the differences in priorities and interests, and especially the friendliness and warmth of people throughout the region offer Sika the largest growth potential in the coming decades. This fascinates me! In a nutshell: I felt at home wherever I was in Asia.

What is the main challenge facing you when you return to Europe as the Global Head of Procurement?

To be growth and profit oriented, to be highly flexible thinking in global supplier and supply chain management, and to optimize the Procurement team work according to the Sika business strategy.

In what way would you change the world if you could?

I would make it mandatory for all school kids to live at least one year outside their home continents. Future generations need to gain an understanding of and respect for other cultures as early as possible.