Safeguards for housings

Sealants were used many hundreds of years ago. Building with mortar and tar or pitch as a sealant, and naturally occurring bitumen and asphalt materials have been widely accepted as sealants for many centuries. Prior to the 1900s most sealants evolved from vegetable, animal, or mineral substances. The development of modern polymeric sealants coincided with the development of the polymer industry itself, sometime in the early 1930s. Sika introduced elastic 1C PU sealants as first company in 1968.

Sealing as a main element for the building envelope

Joint sealants are used to seal joints and gaps between two or more substrates, and are a critical component for building design and construction. The main purpose of sealants is to prevent air, water, and other environmental elements from entering or exiting a structure while permitting limited movement of adjacent building elements. The use of sealants and adhesives allows for greater innovation in building design, along with increased durability of structures and a reduction in material consumption for the construction of the façade and windows.

SikaHyflex® joint sealants

Sika now has launched a new range of joint sealing solutions to complete its range of commercial building envelope solutions. In meeting the high performance standards expected by building owners, architects and specifiers, the new SikaHyflex® joint sealants are highly durable, cost effective and will enable a ‘one stop shop’ for all commercial building applications. The new weatherproofing products for sealing facade and roof joints in building envelopes do not only meet the most demanding building codes and standards, and exhibit an outstanding longevity, but also come with long-term warranties.

Sustainable solution

Owing to cost pressure, growing requirements for reduced energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint, as well as increasing demands on the quality of living and working environments, construction materials for facades have changed in recent years and their number has increased significantly. Professional SikaHyflex® sealants ensure permanently tight sustainable building envelopes and thus contribute significantly to reduced consumption of heating and cooling energy in buildings.

Exceptional durability for buildings

SikaHyflex® products are designed to meet the increased requirements high performance sealants have to fulfill today. They adhere to all kinds of substrates and have an extremely high movement capability in order to absorb large movements. The sealants exhibit an exceptional durability due to their outstanding UV and weathering resistance. It is a pity that the people from hundreds and thousands of years ago did not have the possibility of using these sealants. This would be a new boom in cultural tourism for historical buildings. And maybe even we would have more than seven new Wonders of the World. Some buildings just would have lived much longer.

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